Political Declaration, CLOC-Vía Campesina South America

CLOC – La Via Campesina South America Organizations

Political Declaration


In a context of intense popular struggles in Chile and all of Latin America, peoples in movement heroic uprisings, we met as Political Coordination of the CLOC – VC South America, from November 17 to 20 on the Orilla del Auquinco, Chile. Once again we affirm that the neoliberal capitalist model imposed on humanity is a model of exclusion, destruction and death. The peoples have always resisted the imposition of capital; the history of the workers is the history of the class struggle, where we have always been, in these moments peoples and communities have risen in opposition to this model that does not serve us; That is why this popular struggle in Chile, the popular uprisings in Ecuador, the National Strike in Colombia, the heroic resistance in Venezuela, the recent electoral response in Argentina, the liberation of Lula in Brazil; it is the response of the peoples to the subjugation of capital in the territories and that in its response there was criminal coup d’état of the Plurinational Government of Bolivia. In the face of this, the organizations articulated in CLOC-VC say:

1. We reaffirm that capitalism was never capable of solving the great human needs. It is a system that has failed and therefore, it is time to replace it with new paradigms that are emancipatory in nature, that recover the historical roots of the struggles of our peoples, embracing diversity as an enriching element of experiences of resistance and the construction of futures. Capitalism has destroyed the material bases of our existence with extractivism, monocultures, hydroelectric plants, fishing business, mining, pushing communities into submission and expelling them from the fields and generating climate crises.

2. We stand in solidarity with the struggles of the peoples of Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia and Haiti, calling on all organized forces to join the struggles, contributing to the processes of popular mobilizations that acquire the character of prolonged struggles sustained by organizations exercising coordinated self-organization and solidarity, with emphasis on participatory democracy.

3. All our solidarity with our comrade Evo Morales and with the Bolivian people, our recognition to the Government of López Obrador, which offers exile and protection to the indigenous and peasant president who was legitimately elected by the people and is being attacked today by the right wing and the U.S. empire for his struggle and commitment for the emancipation of his people.

4. We condemn the persecutions, selective assassinations and acts of violence perpetrated by the repressive forces of governments and other forces in alignment with the imperial mandate and coordinated by the US, against leaders, men, women and youth who lead and against those who show solidarity with the struggles of indignant peoples, we categorically reject the imprisonment of the leaders and social leaders who remain as political prisoners in different countries of Latin America. Free the prisoners in struggle! Struggle is not a crime!

5. We raise with more strength the flags of struggle of our articulation, Food Sovereignty, Integral and Popular Agrarian Reform, Peasant and Popular Feminism, the Collective Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Original Peoples, Palenques, Quilombolas, peasants, of women and the Defense of land and Territories, for Climate Justice, Agroecology, as proposals for the construction of a new society where men and women are protagonists of the profound changes we need for our emancipation.

6. We call for the permanent and un-renounceable struggle for the right to water, which is a natural good and for the use of the peoples, and which is currently being captured by large capital and multinational corporations.

7. We call on our militants to redouble their efforts to strengthen the organizations that make up our articulation with processes of mobilization for the realization of peasant rights, self-defense of our territories, of our common goods and of the environment, in the exercise of popular power.

8. We call ourselves to reinforce the processes of political and ideological formation, to study our classics and Latin American thinkers and to listen to the voices of our own wise men and women who come from the university of life, female and male peasants, indigenous and native peoples, afro-descendents, fishermen, women, youth, small-scale and community farmers.

9. We commit ourselves to contribute to the processes of unity that begin with practices of struggle, of production, of effective solidarity at the local, national and international levels.

10. We call on the people to the battle of ideas, to combat fake news by making revolutionary use of communication and technology.

11. We reaffirm our socialist horizon by expressing our solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution of our brothers and sisters in Venezuela. We reiterate our profound solidarity with the Cuban people, whose revolution is for us, the beacon that illuminates our horizon.

The unity and struggle of the peoples is a permanent task; let us multiply our efforts from our organizations and from the local territories, reinforcing national and international alliances.

Globalize struggle! Globalize hope!